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Shabbat songs

FEATURE ARTICLE : the Shabbat, the day of rest, is a very important event of Jewish life. And the songs that rhythm this particular day hold a major place, at the synagogue as well as at (…) Read more

Shabbat songs in the Western Ashkenazic rite

A selection of Shabbat songs from Western Europe, traditional or not, performed by Adolphe Attia, Shalom Berlinski, Joseph Borin, Michel Heymann and many (…) Read more

Hebrew songs for children - Sabbath songs for children

Published in New-York at the beginning of the 1950’s, these boxes containing two discs each, prepared by Hannah Harris, feature songs for children, sung in Hebrew and accompanied on the piano by (…)
Read more

Shabbat songs in the Moroccan rite

A selection of Shabbat songs from Morocco performed by David Abikzer, Jo Amar, Yossi Azoulay, Simon Berdugo, Ouriel Elbilia, Haim Louk, Moshe Louk and Emile (…) Read more

Sounds of the week

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The Oriental Festival

RADIO PROGRAM hosted by Avner Azoulay, broadcasted on Radio J, Monday JUNE 8, 2020. Musics by Avihou Medina, Esther Dallal, Itsik Eshel, Mike Karoutchi and many others...

Klezmer Attitude : A compared listening of several klezmer standards

RADIO PROGRAM hosted by Edmond Ghrenassia, broadcasted on RADIO JUDAÏCA Lyon, on MONDAY JANUARY 14, 2008. Three standrads of klezmer music performed by the Dutch band Bojbriker Klezmorim, compared to the interpretation by other artists, such as Denis Cuniot, or the Amsterdam Klezmer Band...

Balagan Box : Nu JUwish MUsic Vol.1

RADIO PROGRAM hosted by Laurence Haziza, broadcasted on RADIO SHALOM on SEPTEMBER 8, 2007, dedicated to the release of the first album from the JUMU music label, Nu JUwish MUsic Vol.1....