Now available at the EIJM’s editions

Release of the 6th CD of the "Classics Collection" Jacques Offenbach and Friends From the synagogue to the opera

Now available at the EIJM’s editions

Release of the 5th CD of the "Classics Collection" MAHZOR HAYIM Life cycle and other works

Now available at the EIJM’s editions

Release of the 4th CD of the "Classics Collection" KOL NIDRE New visions


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The prayer of Kol Nidre

« Kol Nidre », with these words start the impressive and deep prayer starting the most solemn day in the Jewish calendar, Yom Kippur. By singing the Kol Nidre, the worshippers beg humbly God to (…) Read more

Yom Kippur 1

Yom Kippur, also called « Day of Atonement » is one of the High Holy Days of the Jewish calendar... Read more

Josef Josef

First album of the band Josef Josef, it is composed of Yiddish, Gypsy, and Russian songs, released by the Buda Musique label
Read more

The Selichot - סליחות

The Selichot are penitential prayers in which the worshipper implores forgiveness to God for the sins committed. This tradition is based on the thirteen attributes of mercy which have been, (…) Read more

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The selichot in the Turkish rite

A selection of selichot performed by Isaac Algazi, Haim Effendi, Izzet Bana and Hadass Pal-Yarden…

The selichot in the Algerian rite

A selection of selichot performed by Israel Dadoun, Abraham Dahan, Philippe Darmon, Amir Eliahou, Georges E. Haik, Haim Harboun and André Taïeb…

The Musaf service of Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur, translated in English by « Day of Atonement », is one of thye holiest and most important days of the Jewish year. This solemn celebration closes yamim noraïm period, the 10 days between the Jewish new year celebration Rosh Hachana and the end of Yom Kippour...


Restaurant Le Kibele

Concert franco yiddish de Betty Reicher

Le 1er octobre 2020 à 20h au Kibélé à Paris (75010), Betty Reicher nous entraîne dans un répertoire yiddish étroitement mêlé au répertoire français, accompagnée par le pianiste Roger Pouly


Auditorium du MAHJ

Concert Salomone Rossi - Aux sources du baroque

Le 1 octobre 2020 à 20h à l’Auditorium du MAHJ à Paris (75003), concert de musique baroque par l’Ensemble Diderot