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Gala concert of the EIJM, novembre 17th 2019 - 17.30 PM
Salle Cortot, 75017 Paris

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Release of the 4th CD of the "Classics Collection"
New visions

Now available at the EIJM’s editions

Release of the 5th CD of the "Classics Collection"
Life cycle and other works

Now available at the EIJM’s editions

Twenty nigunim for clarinet and piano by Claudine Movsessian and Martine Vialatte

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Release of the 2 first collections of musical scores by Itaï Daniel


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Sounds of the week

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The summer playlist of Israeli-Oriental music...

To fully enjoy the summer vacations, here is a selection of hits from Israeli-Oriental music, in Hebrew : Muzika Mizrahit’ ve Yam Tikhonit’. During this rhythmed and spicy journey, we invite you to dance to the most talented voices of this warm but refreshing music.

The summer playlist of Judeo-Spanish music...

Discover below a selection of Judeo-Spanish music, taken from our archives, to make you wait in good company until September! These melodies that evoke love between lovers and family, childhood, hazards of life and festivals songs, invite you to a journey around the Mediterranean Sea (Morocco, Salonica, Turquey...).

The summer playlist of Yiddish and klezmer music...

For the summer break, we have the pleasure to propose to hyou a selection of Yiddish songs and klezmer music taken from our archives.
Have a good trip in the musical world of the shtetl!


Hochschule für MusikTheater und Medien Hannover

Colloque à Hanovre : Magnifiée et sanctifiée, la musique des prières juives II

Du 9 au 12 septembre 2019 à l’Université de Hanovre (ALLEMAGNE), colloque international sur la musique liturgique juive. Hervé Roten, Directeur de l’IEMJ, y interviendra le 12 septembre, dans le cadre de la session intitulée : "Musique synagogale : transmission et analyse"


Maison de la culture yiddish

Stage Yiddish et chansons

Les 14 & 15 septembre 2019, à la Maison de la Culture Yiddish à Paris (75010), dans le cadre des Journées européennes de la culture et du patrimoine juifs sur le thème Innover et transmettre, week-end musical avec notamment Natalia Krynicka et Shura Lipovsky...