Yom Yerushalayim

PLAYLIST – Jerusalem, city of David, inspired many songs to Israeli artists, from Naomi Shemer to Shoshana Damari, Yehoram Gaon or the Parvarim… Read more


PLAYLIST - The musical band Gerineldo was created in Montreal in 1980 with the goal of preserving and spreading the Judeo-Spanish songs and culture of north of (…) Read more

Yom Hazikaron

PLAYLIST - The best Israeli songs of Yom Hazikaron, in tribute to the soldiers who died for Israel Read more

Echad mi yodea, a Passover song

PLAYLIST : Echad mi yodea, the Passover song of numbers, sung in all (or almost !) Jewish traditions Read more

Chad gadya, a Passover song

PLAYLIST : Chad gadya (the kid), the famous Passover song sung in all (or almost !) Jewish traditions Read more

Israeli musical spring

PLAYLIST about spring and rebirth of nature in Israel Read more

Hear the sacred, a conference organized by the Villa Gillet, with Hervé Roten

Conference with Hervé Roten as part of the Nuit des idées, "The night of theology - 4th edition : Hear the sacred", organized by the Villa Gillet and the Institution des Chartreux in Lyon, which (…) Read more

Yaffa Yarkoni

PLAYLIST A selection of the best songs by Yaffa Yarkoni, Israeli singer Read more

Jewish music : when singular is plural

Video of a conference (in english) by Hervé Roten on the singular plurality of Jewish music Read more

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