Yossele (Josef) Rosenblatt

A great voice among the cantors Born in Bila Tserka in Ukraine, Rosenblatt starts his career as member of the synagogue choir... Read more

Fernand Halphen, a composer in the Great War

On April 6, 2014, for the commemorations celebrating 100 years after World War 1 (1914-1918), the European Institute of Jewish Music organized a concert, along with the Museum of Art and History (…) Read more

The Jewish traditional wedding

The wedding in Jewish tradition follows certain rules. It’s about celebrating the marriage of two people, but also their belonging to a religious life. Two months before the wedding, the future (…) Read more

Music and the Holocaust (part 1)

PLAYLIST - The extermination of the Jews, planned by the Nazis, did not succeed in destroying their songs of revolt and hope. Music has survived in ghettos and camps despite inhuman conditions. (…) Read more

The voice in traditional ashkenazi liturgy - Hector Sabo

As part of the day of study Vox Aurea-Via Sacra 2014, dedicated to Jewish sacred music, Hector Sabo does a study on the voice in traditional ashkenazi liturgy. Hector Sabo grew up with (…) Read more

Liturgical chants of the Sephardim

Concert of sefarade liturgical music, given on sunday 14th september, during the study day Vox Aurea-Via Sacra 2014, dedicated to Jewish sacred music, Philippe Darmon, cantor at the Buffault (…)
Read more

Chasidic music (First part)

PLAYLIST - With the chasidic movement born in the 18th century appeared a new style of Jewish vocal music. The chasidic tunes, some of which you can listen to in this (…) Read more

Chanukah : the musical selection of the EIJM, Part 1

PLAYLIST During the Festival of Lights that lasts 8 days, children’s favorite holiday, we light candles, we eat latkes and candies, we give and receive presents, and we sing songs.Retour ligne (…) Read more

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The selichot in the Italian rites

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The selichot in the Tunisian rite

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The selichot in the Eastern Ashkenazi rite

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