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Lullabies from all over the world

This 33 RPM disc, dedicated to children, has a beautiful cover in relief inspired by a painting from Henri Galeron... Read more

The 78 RPM discs from the ODEON music label

Playlist - In the series "the EIJM collections", here is a selection of 78 RPM discs edited on the music label ODEON Read more

Le Candélabre à Sept Branches (the seven-branch candelabra) (1951) by Darius Milhaud

Composed in Paris between December 20 and 28, 1951, Le Candélabre à Sept Branches is a cycle of seven short works for piano by Darius Milhaud (1892-1974), evoking the main celebrations of the (…) Read more

The 5 audio cassettes box sets by Haïm Louk

Archive of the week : discover the Parashot by Haïm Louk ON THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE: Listen to this week’s parasha and haftara
Read more

Israeli music of the 1970’s

VIDEO - In the serie "The EIJM collections", discover the Israeli disc production of the 1970’s, with its vintage and sometimes kitsch style... Read more

Purim - Holiday Music Box

Published in 1951 in the United States, this 78 RPM disc features Purim songs for children. Read more

Léon Algazi’s Sacred Service

Léon Algazi’s Sacred Service, presented in 1954 by the composer in his liturgical and musical program Écoute Israël, was recorded on 8 pyral 78 RPM discs recently deposited at the EIJM by his (…) Read more

The "Nocturne Ville d’Avrayen" by George Enescu (1881-1955)

Story of an original musical score by Enescu, rediscovered in the EIJM’s archives
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Chanukah in Song and Story

Two small format 78 RPM discs (17 cm) from the 1950’s, published by New York music label Reena Record Corporation, with Chanukah songs and prayers performed by Seymour Silbermintz on piano and (…) Read more

Hebrew songs for children - Sabbath songs for children

Published in New-York at the beginning of the 1950’s, these boxes containing two discs each, prepared by Hannah Harris, feature songs for children, sung in Hebrew and accompanied on the piano by (…)
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Release of eight new musical scores by Itaï Daniel at the EIJM publishing house

The EIJM publishing house releases eight new instrumental or vocal scores by Itaï Daniel, a composer inspired by Judaism and its (…)

Ani Maamin - Ben Zion Shenker

Discover the audio collections of the EIJM

Release of a new musical score by Serge Kaufmann: Katouna, for clarinette and cello

Release of the musical score Katouna by Serge Kaufman, at the EIJM’s editions

Training of Music Teachers of Paris - 2011

The CFMJ continues its educational action by organising another training day for music teachers in Paris. In the program : a large overview on (…)

The CFMJ at the Festival of Jewish Culture in Paris

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