In this CD called Yubka, beautifully perfomed by the clarinetist Samuel Berthod, with Gabriel Androne on the accordion and Frédérik Fraysse on the double bass, the composer Jean-Pierre Stora offers (…) Read more

Oyfn veg / En chemin - Popular Yiddish songs

Maison de la Culture Yiddish, Medem library, 2006. Oyfn Veg / En chemin is a bilingual compilation of Yiddish songs, with also a few Judeo-Spanish Hebrew and French songs, most of them being (…) Read more

Tarras, Dave (1897-1989)

Dovid Tarraschuk (1897-1989), better known as Dave Tarras, was born in the village called Ternovka, near Uman in Ukraine. As a very young boy, he was immersed in klezmer music, his father being a (…) Read more

Schwartz, Abe (1881-1963)

Abe (Abraham) Schwartz was one of the most famous and most recorded Jewish conductors in New York for decades. He was also a reknowned violonist for dance orchestras. His national and (…) Read more

Ben Zimet – from shadow to light

MUSIQUES JUIVES D’HIER ET D’AUJOURD’HUI - TUESDAY 21st OCTOBER 2014, JUDAÏQUES FM (94.8), 21H05 Anvers, 1940, young Benjamin Zimet is 5 years old when starts the second world war. Along with his (…) Read more

Treasures of Yiddish archives (part 1)


Treasures of Yiddish archives (part 2)

MUSIQUES JUIVES D’HIER ET D’AUJOURD’HUI - TUESDAY 10TH FEBRUARY 2015, JUDAÏQUES FM (94.8), 21H05 Facing the fast urbanisation and industrialisation that threat the traditional Jewish world of the (…) Read more

Simkhat Hanefesh - Early Yiddish Music

This beautiful CD released in Germany in 2017, features ashkenazi songs from the Renaissance and the baroque era, sung in Western Yiddish. Read more

Video : Jewish Music in the Aftermath of World War II

Video presented as part of the 1st edition of "Campus en musique" organized by the Medem Center-Arbeter Ring about The music of Yiddish cabarets in Paris after world war II, by Hervé Roten, (…) Read more

Dave Cash : the « crazy lad » of Yiddish cabarets

MUSIQUES JUIVES D’HIER ET D’AUJOURD’HUI - TUESDAY 1st DECEMBER 2015, JUDAÏQUES FM (94.8), 21H05. A radio broadcast which allow us to discver once again the music performed by Dave Cash, star of (…) Read more