Zadoc-Kahn, Geneviève (1914-2001)

Geneviève Zadoc-Kahn was the grand daughter of the rabbi Zadoc Kahn and one of the great grand daughters of rabbi Salomon Ulmann. Her childhood wasn’t spared from difficult events : at 5 years old, (…) Read more

Ben Zimet

Ben Zimet (vocals and narration), Nicole Uzan (vocals), Maurice Delaistier (musical direction-violin, guitar, piano), Gabi Levasseur (accordion, piano) The CD of the last public appearance show (…) Read more

Judeo-Provencal music - The musical traditions of old Jewish communities from the Comtat Venaissin

MUSIQUES JUIVES D’HIER ET D’AUJOURD’HUI – TUESDAY 10th MAY 2011, JUDAÏQUES FM (94.8), 21H00 The recent release of the CD « Judeo-Provencal music » by the band Nekouda gives us an occasion to talk about (…) Read more

The role of Jewish musicians in 19th century Paris : the case of Henri Herz (Vienna 1803- Paris 1888)

MUSIQUES JUIVES D’HIER ET D’AUJOURD’HUI – TUESDAY 5th JULY 2011, JUDAÏQUES FM (94.8), 21H00 Who remembers Henri Herz, famous figure of the 19th century’s musical world, forgotten today ? By getting (…) Read more

Ben Zimet – from shadow to light

MUSIQUES JUIVES D’HIER ET D’AUJOURD’HUI - TUESDAY 21st OCTOBER 2014, JUDAÏQUES FM (94.8), 21H05 Anvers, 1940, young Benjamin Zimet is 5 years old when starts the second world war. Along with his (…) Read more

Jewish songs of the 13th century in langue d’oïl and Hebrew

MUSIQUES JUIVES D’HIER ET D’AUJOURD’HUI - TUESDAY 18th NOVEMBER 2014, JUDAÏQUES FM (94.8), 21H05 This program revives the life in sound of the Jewish communities of North of France in the 13th (…) Read more

Jewish musical traditions in France

A Jewish story tells that when two Jews speak together, there are at least three different opinions ! In the same way, when we talk of "Jewish musical traditions", it is good to speak of it in (…) Read more

Simon Laks - tribute

With this CD tribute to Simon Laks (1901-1983), the music label EDA continues its musical exploration of works from composers killed, deported, or who survived the Holocaust. Learn more about (…) Read more

The routes of klezmer : Sirba Octet or Classic world

MUSIQUES JUIVES D’HIER ET D’AUJOURD’HUI - TUESDAY 17th DECEMBER 2013, JUDAÏQUES FM (94.8), 21H05 This broadcast with Richard Schmoucler, founder of the Sirba Octet, inaugurates the serie entitled « (…) Read more

Halphen, Alice (1878-1963)

Born in 1878, Alice Halphen, born Koenigswarter, died in 1963. Officer of the French Legion of Honour, she was a member for many years of the Committee of the Israelite Universal Alliance. (…) Read more