PLAYLIST - The musical band Gerineldo was created in Montreal in 1980 with the goal of preserving and spreading the Judeo-Spanish songs and culture of north of (…) Read more

Levy, Solly (1939-2020)

Tribute by Judith Cohen: Solly Levy was born in Tangier (Morocco) on November 1st, 1939. He emigrated to Canada with his wife, Madeleine, and their first child, Eddy, in 1968. Upon his arrival, (…)
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Album featuring Sefardi music from the Balkans, recorded by the band Shira u’tfila, on June 25, 2006, for the 80th anniversary of the Sukkat Shalom synagogue in (…) Read more

The renew of Judeo-Spanish music

Since several years, Judeo-Spanish music know a real renewal, with the emergence of a new generation of artists, determined to shake the repertoire of traditional (…) Read more

Cordoue 21

Sandra Bessis & Rachid Brahim-Djelloul The spirit of Cordoba ? This Cordoba is no longer extant for more than nine or ten centuries. And what about it in the beginning of this 21st century ? (…)
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Sandra Bessis, on the traces of Sefardi music

MUSIQUES JUIVES D’HIER ET D’AUJOURD’HUI - TUESDAY 11th FEBRUARY 2014, JUDAÏQUES FM (94.8), 21H05 Sefarad means Spain in Hebrew. This word identifies the Jews expelled from Spain in 1492, after the (…) Read more

Azafea : a Spanish odyssey into the heart of Sefardi music

MUSIQUES JUIVES D’HIER ET D’AUJOURD’HUI - TUESDAY 23rd SEPTEMBER 2014, JUDAÏQUES FM (94.8), 21H05 In the 11th century, near Toledo, the invention of the azafea by the astronomer Azarchel (1029 - (…) Read more


CD of Judeo-Spanish songs from Istanbul, Izmir, Thessalonica and Jerusalem. Booklet in English, Turkish, Judeo-Spanish and Hebrew, published in 2003 by KALAN editions, in (…)
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Judith Cohen - On the roads of the world

MUSIQUES JUIVES D’HIER ET D’AUJOURD’HUI – TUESDAY 11th FEBRUARY 2020, JUDAÏQUES FM (94.8), 21H00 Singer, multi-instrumentalist, ethnomusicologist, Judith Cohen travels since over 50 years on the roads (…) Read more

Cohen, Judith (1949)

Singer, performer on medieval and traditional instruments, ethnomusicologist and university lecturer, Judith Cohen was born in Montreal (Canada). Since the 1970’s, she has travelled frequently (…)
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