La musique de la synagogue

Psalms and psalmodies

Traditionally attributed to King David, the 150 poetic texts that make up the book of Psalms, however, have a more uncertain origin: it would probably be a set of poems written during the 4 to 5 (…) Read more

Rossi, Salomone (near 1570-near 1630)

Salomone Rossi, or Shlomo Mi-ha-Adumim in Hebrew, comes from an old Jewish family in Mantua, where he was born around 1570. Profiting from the tolerance granted to the Jews by the Dukes of (…) Read more

LEON, Gilbert (1934)

Son of Emile Léon and Valentine Leon, born Lévy, Gilbert Léon, born February 28, 1934 in Bordeaux, is the eldest of a sibling of 3 children: Gilbert, Michel and Denise. His father Emile, sculptor, (…) Read more

Algazi, Léon (1890-1971)

Léon Algazi is born in Epuresti (Romania) in 1890. He learns music in Vienna and in Paris. From his studies with the musicologist Abraham Zvi Idelsohn, he becomes deeply interested in the Jewih (…) Read more

The synagogue of la Victoire, 150 years of French judaism

This extraordinary book, beautifully illustrated was written by twenty specialists. It traces the history of this emblematic place, inseparable of French (…) Read more

Liturgical music from the synagogue of la Victoire

Playlist (under the article) Dedicated to the music from the synagogue of la Victoire Read more

Music from the synagogue of Bordeaux

From the collection MUSICAL HERITAGE OF THE JEWS FROM FRANCE, Vol 1 At the beginning of the 20th century, the music played in the synagogues of Bordeaux, Bayonne or Paris, are very impressive. (…) Read more

Judeo-French music from the 18th and 19th century

From the collection MUSICAL HERITAGE OF THE JEWS FROM FRANCE, vol 2 In the 18th century, the Jewish people are gathered in three major spots: the Comtat Venaissin, the South West of France and (…) Read more

The psalms of the Jews from Constantine

From the collection MUSICAL HERITAGE OF THE JEWS FROM FRANCE, VOL. 11 (...) Read more

Conservation and digitalization of synagogue music archives

The transmission of synagogue music through scores and notation began in France in the beginning of the 19th century, before which that music was transmitted orally. In 1874 and 1877, the (…) Read more