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L’Algérie en musique

L’Harmattan has just published "Algeria in Music". Made from record booklets, this book speaks of all styles of music in Algeria. Read more

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Andalusian music: Algeria

Two radio programs presented by Sabine Amsellem, broadcasted on Radio TAF on December 24, 2015 and January 14, 2016. Sabine Amsellem takes you this time to Algeria. You will have the opportunity (…) Read more

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Staïffi, the king of Eastern cha-cha-cha

At the turn of the 60s, the French-oriental song is in fashion. The cabaret Le soleil d’Algérie welcomes many artists. Among them Staïffi, whose song Cherie je t’aime, chérie je t’adore will become a (…) Read more

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Music by Jews from Algeria

This radio program, illustrated with many musical excerpts, brings us to this lost world, where Jews and Muslims were, for many centuries, the holders of the Algerian musical heritage. With the (…) Read more


Songs by Jews from Algeria 2

PLAYLIST Settled on the land of today’s Algeria since the antique times, Jewish musicians played an important role for the creation and transmission of the musical legacy of Algeria. Here is a (…) Read more

Radio shows from the EIJM

Cheikh Raymond - The art of Constantine Malouf

The guest of this show, the journalist and specialist of popular music, Bertrand Dicale, author of a book about Cheikh Raymond, travels along with us through this journey in which we will hear (…) Read more


Staïffi, Alberto

"Chérie je t’aime, Chérie je t’adore", simple and effective formula that made, that makes and will make the crowd dance until exhaustion. When in 1960, Alberto STAIFFI covers this song of Maghreb (…) Read more

Other radio shows

Hidden sides of Jewish music : Judeo-Arab songs

RADIO PROGRAM, hosted by Hélène Engel, dedicated to the Judeo-Arab songs, broadcasted on Radio SHALOM Montreal, 2013. Read more


Playlist Enrico Macias

PLAYLIST A selection of Enrico Macias’ greatest songs... Read more


The music of Cheikh Raymond

PLAYLIST Son of a Christian mother and Jewish father, Cheikh Raymond was the undisputed master of Arab-Andalusian music, called "Malouf" in Constantine (…) Read more

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