The best songs of Bracha Zefira (1910-1990)

PLAYLIST A selection of songs performed by Bracha Zefira, pionnear who ière qui mêla les mélodies orientales aux poèmes hébraïques. Read more

Zefira, Bracha (1910-1990)

Bracha Zefira was born in Jerusalem in 1910. Her father emmigrated from Yemen in 1887, and settled in the then Yemenite neighborhood of Nahalat Tsvi, in Jerusalem, and married Na’ama Amrani, (…) Read more

Haza, Ofra (1957-2000)

Ofra Haza עפרה חזה, (Bat-Sheva Ofra Haza), born on November 19th 1957 in Tel-Aviv and deceased on February 23rd 2000 in Ramat Gan, was an Israeli actress and singer native of (…) Read more